Apalachicola Volunteer Fire Department

The is the new web site for the Apalachicola Volunteer Fire Department. It will always be a work in progress. Check back frequently for updated postings. Those postings may be accessed on the left side of the page. ENJOY..!!!!! The web site will be designed to inform and keep the citizens of Apalachicola up to date on THEIR fire department.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pictured above are firemen training on proper technique of the vehicle extracation equipment.............many hours of training are necessary to make extracations safe for both the firemen and the vehicle occupants. It should be noted that Shadetree Towing brings us vehicles to use for our training...........Thanks Shadetree...!!!!!!!

Fire Department mambers meet twice a month to train, discuss previous call and things that

can be done to improve and be safer .......shown above are members training on hose and the proper way to deliver water to a fire

Sunday, July 16, 2006



Chief Bert D. Simmons

(850) 653 9319


Engine One

The fire department may be in line for grant money to build new station. Grant money that is to be used for disaster assistance in Franklin Co. may be headed to the Apalachicola Fire Department. The existing station was flooded during Hurricane Dennis a year ago and to date the station is still not habitable. Continue to check the web site for further updates and lets keep our "fingers crossed"

A Call in early July destroyed this house on 7th Street......there were no injuries and the home was not occupied at the time..........shown above is Ginger Creamer discussing fire attack plans with Chief Simmons , and using the "cannon" to try and cool the blaze.

The fire department also assists with Air Medic transfers by setting up landing zones and
insuring the safety and those on the ground and in the air

Pics from the Jan 1 fire....the home was a total loss
No injuries and all firefighters safe